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    NF Wood - Growing mixes with wood fiber
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Berger's new and unique natural fiber!

Berger R&D team innovates again!

Berger leverages the growing power of wood to help you grow more—and better—with its new NF Series growing media. The NF Series is made with fine-quality wood fiber, which offers optimum water-holding capacity and increased air-filled porosity, ensuring healthy growth and excellent yield.

With Berger’s NF Series, you also get more—for less, thanks to greater volumes per bag and per shipment. And the advantages don’t stop there!


  • Made with a natural by-product of the wood industry
  • Sustainable and renewable – Leverages normal carbon cycle
  • Green production process – Compared to rockwool, perlite,
    and other aggregates
  • Organic - Completely compostable
  • Local raw material supply
  • Sterile (high temperature process) - No phytotoxic substances
  • Lightweight - Reduces transport costs
  • Hydrophilic - Good wettability
  • Blends very well with peat - Camouflaged


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