55 Years of History Through Logos and Products

Ms. Huguette Théberge, whose family owned peatlands in the region of Saint-Fabien, Quebec, founded the company in Saint-Modeste in 1963. Her husband, Mr. Alcide Berger, joined her in making Berger a successful business, which is today a global leader in the production of growing mixes that improve the quality and crop yields of horticultural producers of all kinds.

The very first logo is a Ms. Théberge’s creation .

Evolution of Berger Packaging Through the Years

We have been distributing products under the Berger brand name since 1980. Day in, day out, we deliver quality products to our clients thanks to the tireless efforts of our dedicated personnel.

Berger’s Sites Over Time 

Did you know that…

In 2018, we also celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Skyscraper. Berger was the first company to introduce this packaging format allowing professional growers to save labor time and decrease packaging waste by nearly 80%.

Find out more about Skyscraper’s advantages >

I came here for a job and 30 years later, I’m proud to say that it’s turned into a career. Here at Berger, we have good opportunities, good pay, good benefits and great people. What more do you need in your workplace? Lico Manuel, with Berger since 1988

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