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Your Customer Partnership Program

BeOne is Berger’s customer recognition program to staying close to exceptional growers – just like you, that trust us for all their growing media needs. From agronomic expertise to production optimization including collaborative innovation, Berger is always with you – every step of the way.

We believe in creating deep-rooted relationships. The kind that go beyond providing products to providing ongoing expertise, innovative thinking and solutions so that you can continue to grow successfully into the future, regardless of the context.

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Agronomic Expertise


  • Preventative & corrective measures including maintenance
  • Personalized advice on the best growing practices for each customer
  • Supportive growing trials to reduce production risks
  • Routine soil, water, nutrient analyses and complete characterization to prevent crop issues

Production Optimization


  • Analyses & Recommendations
  • Personalized remote or on-site coaching by Grower Advisors including:
  • Support for organic production & certification
  • Teaching best practices to all workers
  • Advice to improve crop yields & reduce costs through the selection of the best production system, potting practices, greenhouse sanitation, greenhouse maintenance, equipment validation, energy savings, inventory management, etc.

Collaborative Innovation


  • Applied R&D focused on customers’ needs
  • Comprehensive trials in Berger greenhouses or at the customers’ sites to develop or improve products and optimize production efficiency
  • R&D projects in collaboration with research institutions


Every Berger Customer has its own dedicated expert team



Your sales representative is your go-to person for any of your needs. They will ensure that the quality and effectiveness of our products and services help you reach your business objectives.

Meet the whole Team

Your Grower Advisor is dedicated to helping you achieve better production times and higher crop yields.

Meet the Technical team members

Your Customer Service agent helps you access all the expertise that comes with every bag of Berger’s growing media.

Contact us anytime at 1 888 771-4462 or


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