At Berger, we know how critical choosing the right growing mix can be to ensure the highest quality of the finest plants. Berger’s Greenhouse Trial program is your key to unlocking the full potential of your crops.

We’ve been engineering a wide range of first-rate growing substrates for the past 60 years. Our combined scientific advances and clear understanding of professional greenhouse production make us an ideal partner in providing predictable growing results and helped us become a key player in the industry.

See the Difference for Yourself

Our Greenhouse Trial program allows you to test Berger mixes directly in your own environment. This risk-free approach lets you experience firsthand the superior performance and increased profitability our products can deliver. Our team will assist you to grow the perfect crops, get uniform production and improve your schedule planning.


Find out more on how Berger can help you blossom even more.
Give it a try by running a trial at your production facility, in your own horticultural environment.



Agronomic Services

A Wide Range of Analysis and Technical Services»

Our partnership extends far beyond just the substrate. Our dedicated agronomic team provides valuable analysis and technical support throughout the trial, ensuring you achieve optimal results for your production needs.

Agronomic Services

What Growers Say about Us

Learn how Berger’s customers are succeeding»

Growers around the world rely on Berger’s high-quality growing mixes for their crops. Hear from many growers who’ve experienced the benefits of Berger products and services in our “Testimonial” section.


Berger Product Catalog

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Whether for plant propagation greenhouse or nursery production of annuals, perennial, foliage, vegetables, soft fruits, leafy-greens and more, one of the substrates from our extensive product line will suit your particular needs.


Let’s work together to take your greenhouse operation to the next level!

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