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St-Modeste, February 5, 2018 – Berger is proud to announce an investment of $23.5 million over a three-year period to assure the company’s continued growth and development.

This investment will allow the company to carry out an expansion plan that will include the creation of 55 new jobs, mainly at the head office in St-Modeste, Québec. The goal is to increase Berger’s research and development capacity by building new facilities and acquiring specialized equipment. In addition, implementation of the plan will increase the company’s production capacity, modernize its management systems and consolidate its distribution network.

These initiatives are made possible with the support of Québec’s Ministry of Economy, Science and Innovation in the form of $2.5 million in financial assistance.

“We want to thank the government for believing in our company’s future. My sister and I want to pursue our grandparents’ dream of promoting the development of our region and creating a workplace where people can make a difference and achieve their full potential,” commented Valérie Berger, Co-CEO of Berger Peat Moss.

About Berger

Berger is celebrating 55 years of growing expertise in 2018. Headquartered in Saint-Modeste in the Bas-St-Laurent of Québec, Berger operates twelve peatlands and eight plants located across North America. Berger products are sold in over twenty countries around the world. The mission of its team of over 550 employees is to select, harvest and process sustainable raw materials to responsibly produce horticultural growing media. Berger’s expert team uses an approach focused on the specific needs of its customers’ crops. Known for their quality and consistency, our products are backed by our vast expertise.

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