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St-Modeste, March 12, 2018 – Berger is proud to launch its new branding campaign, “Possibly the best place to work.” Rolled out initially on social media, this campaign is a key part of Berger’s strategy to position itself as an employer of choice in this period of labour shortages.

This campaign builds on Berger’s announcement in February of an investment of $23.5 million over the next three years. Because of this major expansion, the company has to distinguish itself as a great workplace in order to attract the best candidates to fill the many jobs that will soon become available.

Human, humble, authentic

The #POSSIBLY campaign is starting immediately. It uses a light-hearted tone and several themes to address various aspects of working at Berger. Highlighting career opportunities, work-life balance, a stimulating workplace and exciting challenges, the campaign presents the main elements of the company’s employer brand. Proximity, humility and authenticity are central to Berger’s approach.

A dual role

The purpose of the #POSSIBLY campaign is two-fold: to provide a framework for Berger’s recruitment activities and to share the employee experience at all Berger sites in North America. Social media will be the main platform for the campaign. The company invites employees, their friends and families as well as the wider community to participate by making #POSSIBLY part of their daily lives.

“We want to set Berger apart so we can attract new talent. The growth and development of the company’s facilities and sites means we need to stand out and intensify our promotion of the competitive advantages of working with us. People need to stay tuned to see how the various elements of the campaign roll out on social and other media. We’re convinced that Berger is #Possibly the best place to work,” says Diane Marchand, Vice President – Human Resources.

#possibly the best corporate video


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