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Redouane Farid shines a special light at the Berger plant in Oakbank, Manitoba. The dedication and rigour he applies on a daily basis to his duties as Plant Supervisor, combined with his deep-rooted human values, make him a valuable asset. The portrait of a man who is appreciated everywhere he goes.

With his friendly smile and cordial greeting, Redouane Farid inspires and spreads joy and good humour among his co-workers, towards whom he has the utmost respect. “We make up a fine family. There is a strong sense of belonging. At Berger, there’s always someone ready to help us. I really appreciate that,” says the man who makes a point of getting to know each of his teammates.

“I reckon that’s my hidden talent. I’ve got excellent observation and analysis skills. I don’t talk a great deal but I observe in order to understand things and people. Identifying each person’s strengths makes for more effective teams.”

Climbing the ladder

With a PhD in materials chemistry, the man nicknamed “Red” by his teammates was hired in November 2020 at Berger’s facilities in Saint-Modeste, Quebec. “I wanted to get out of the laboratories and the academic environment. The job in quality control gave me the opportunity to work in industry. I was also able to put my knowledge of chemical components to good use and learn the science behind the chemistry of horticultural products,” he says.

Various training courses later, he mastered working with the team and the whole quality aspect at Berger, which earned him a position as Quality Specialist, which he held until 2022. His thirst for a challenge led him to take on the role of Plant Supervisor at Oakbank, an opportunity that allows him to harness his vision, his in-depth expertise in chemical components and his curiosity about the science behind horticultural products. Redouane is constantly striving to improve operations. He works hard, is very attentive, understanding and dedicated.

“Red has dedicated many hours to ensuring the smooth running of an evening shift.
He’s 100% committed to his job, his team and to Berger.” 

“I’ve never seen anyone learn so quickly. Red is very intelligent, meticulous, dedicated and always ready to help. He’s always willing to do what it takes to improve and share his knowledge. He gives his all every day”. 
 – Jason DeGroot, Director – Manitoba Operations


“Redouane is a remarkable person. I’m honoured to work alongside him every day.
I like observing his leadership skills,
his commitment and his dedication to work.
He really is a source of inspiration. He’s taught me a lot since I started working at Berger”.|
– Alicia Freeman, co-worker


Knowing how to enjoy yourself 

Above and beyond his professional achievements, Redouane believes it’s vital to cultivate a balanced lifestyle by making sure he has fun with his partner through a variety of activities. “We really like going to festivals. It’s our way of making the most of life. Going out to restaurants also allows us to unwind and treat ourselves to some very special moments.”


Honesty and empathy

Commitment, proximity, harmony and performance, Berger’s core values, are central to Redouane Farid’s philosophy. His honesty, his enormous empathy, and his respect for those close to him create an environment where every member of the team is supported and listened to. He naturally asserts himself as an ally and guide, which builds trust and fosters fruitful collaboration. His positive influence extends beyond interpersonal relationships. The 33-year-old has introduced new quality monitoring systems, demonstrating his vision and ability to turn ideas into concrete actions. His thirst for constant improvement is in line with Berger’s mission, helping to drive the company towards excellence.

Redouane is proud of his appointment to the select club of the “Extra Mile” and believes that his human approach and his commitment to making a difference are at the root of this recognition. Every individual has an important role to play at Berger, thus shaping a future where professional success and human well-being come together in perfect harmony. With an eye to the future, Redouane Farid is the perfect embodiment of these human values.

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