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Reduce the Risk of Peat Bog Fires: A Constant Commitment for Berger

Here at Berger, our commitment to responsibly manage our primary raw material, horticultural peat, is essential to meeting the needs of our most diligent customers. Thus, we ensure that we make every effort when it comes to preventing fires, but also utilize the best practices in case of a peat bog fire.

At Berger, the health and safety of our employees and the community members where we are located are among our greatest concerns, and a series of preventative measures are therefore implemented at each of our sites to limit the risks of a blaze.

The training of every new employee is crucial when it comes to the prevention and management of peat bog fires.

In addition, fire simulations and exercises are a regular occurrence at Berger, which allow us to evaluate the efficiency of our emergency plans and the responsiveness of our teams.

As an active member of the Association of Horticultural Peat Producers of Quebec (APTHQ), Berger takes the development of the most effective techniques seriously and undertakes to contribute to emergency fire exercises, such as those that recently took place at our company headquarters in Saint-Modeste on 4th June as well as those carried out on the North Shore of Quebec in May of 2024.

By maintaining the responsible management and safety of this precious resource, Berger ensures they respond to all industry needs with the highest quality horticultural mixes all while remaining a reliable business partner.

At Berger, every detail counts in offering innovative and effective crop solutions.


Photo Credits: APTHQ


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