Our Expert’s Knowledge is Available for you

The sole purpose of Berger’s technical services is to support all professional growers throughout their production cycles. From growing media trials within your greenhouse to full production implementation, they will be by there for you to ensure your desired outcome. Our analytical and technical services can accompany you throughout your production cycle to ensure you achieve superior results.

They can:

  • Review lab results with you
  • Help set up and follow
  • Give training sessions
  • Visit your facilities
  • And more !

We would like to offer you an exclusive session with one of our experts. Make sure you get the most out of it!

Experiencing Plant Growth Concerns?

As social distancing keeps us all isolated, we believe that growing issues should not be a concern for any professional producer.

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Pierre-Marc de Champlain

Pierre-Marc de Champlain, Director – Technical Services

Brian Cantin

Brian Cantin, Senior Grower Advisor

Kevin Cooper

Kevin Cooper, Grower Advisor

John Bergman

John Bergman, Grower Advisor

Guillermo Maldonado

Guillermo Maldonado, Grower Advisor

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