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You don’t get conventional thinking at Berger.  You get access to a breadth of expertise few can match.

Written by Berger’s cannabis expert Brian Cantin, this guide will provide you precious information and focus on the best indoor cultivation practices adapted for marijuana and hemp plants from day 1 to 71.

Berger is your partner of choice when it comes to the production of high quality medical cannabis and hemp.

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Day by Day Cannabis Production Guide

Berger’s Adapted Growing Mixes

Growing cannabis and hemp in the professional cultivation industry requires even more care, scheduling and timing than other cultures. Offering producers the ability to easily steer their crops from one growth stage to the next with predictable results, Berger enables professional growers to optimize their production and obtain exceptional profit-making output.

Propagation Substrate

BM2 Propagation

Made with coarser aggregates for propagation in trays with larger cells and in paper pots.

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Natural fiber & Aggregate HP Substrate

BM5 Natural Fiber & Aggregate – Wood HP

Provides excellent drainage capacity stimulating rapid root development.

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Peat-perlite Substrate

BM6 All-Purpose HP

Designed to provide additional drainage for crops demanding quicker dry-down periods.

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All-purpose Substrate

OM6 All-Purpose HP

Approved for organic production and designed for dry-loving plants.

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Berger’s rigorous quality control system guarantees that your plants will have identical physical and chemical characteristics from one load to another, ensuring a remarkably uniform product. Manufactured with high-quality Canadian sphagnum peat moss, these professional growing mixes are adapted to your needs and are designed to maximize your results. Berger helps you produce the best quality medical cannabis possible.

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