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Adapting Management in a Changing Environment

Supply chain planning—the ability to get your greenhouse-grown products to market and customers efficiently and cost-effectively—is a key issue in the professional greenhouse industry. Supply chain planning is crucial for the professional greenhouse grower industry to ensure efficient production, timely distribution, high product quality and effective cost management.

In this webinar, Berger purchasing and supply chain director Fanny Laliberté share some best practices and practical tools that can help improve the efficiency of your operation. Every grower is different, and the challenges vary according to company size, crop type and target markets, but they are all essential to the success of this industry.


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How Supply Chain Planning Can Ensure Effective Cost Management

Key Trends That Impacted Global Supply Chains in 2023

Excess supply inventory

  • The inventory/sales ratio has been going up in the last two years and is now at 1.37;
  • Increased caution from customers on inventory;
  • Overstocking or understocking for most companies, resulting in material overstock for many suppliers.

Global prices have decreased

  • The annual industrial product price index (IPPI) decreased to -0.5% in the US, indicating a shift from last year on demand/offer.

How to be ready for unpredictable demand?

Preparing for the worst

  • Ensure your suppliers have the capability to service you with high quality standard in times of difficulty;
  • Ensuring your safety stock calculations are up to date. A high safety stock may hide the root cause of your inventory issue, such as inaccurate forecasting or poor data.

Fanny Laliberté

Fanny Laliberté

Director – Purchasing and Supply Chain

The only true constant is change. Unforeseen problems are guaranteed. By successfully managing your partners, projects and inventory, your organization will be better prepared to face new and daunting challenges. Prepare for the future, today.

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