Take the Berger Trial Challenge at Cannabis Cultivation Conference 2017

March 20 – 22 | Booth #500 | Marriott City Center | 1001 Broadway, Oakland, CA

In 2017, let’s do more, and better. Challenge your company to grow the highest quality crops, strive to get consistently uniform production and improve your crop schedule planning, thanks to predictable growing results.

  • Challenge your good profitability to become even greater.

Berger is so confident in its products’ performance and the quality of its services that we are inviting you to challenge Berger’s growing mixes efficiency at booth # 500 by confirming a growing trial at your own facility, and moreover, taking advantage from a 10% rabate on your first load purchase.

Can your growing media be more efficient?

Step 1

Stop by Berger booth #500

Step 2

Find the growinger mix that is perfectly adapted to your production system;

Step 3

Benefit from the onsite help of Berger’s grower advisor,  you may improve your growing methods and production results:

Step 4

Set up a growing trial at your greenhouse.

Let’s results talk by themselves, put us to the test ! 

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