Never Underestimate the Growing Mix Selection

We’ve all learned how important global supply chains and material availability can be over the past three years. Change and uncertainty are two words that come to mind. When we talk about taking control of your inputs, specifically your growing media, versatility and flexibility are more critical now than ever before.

In this podcast, we will explore:

  • Potential solutions to increase crop quality while also increasing efficiency;
  • Ways to ease supply chain burdens using creative mix selection and incorporating different components the correct way;
  • How Berger’s approach help growers growing Beyond greenhouse production.



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About our Podcast Experts

Pierre-Marc de Champlain

Pierre-Marc de Champlain

Director of Technical Services, Berger

Being fascinated with biological sciences, Pierre-Marc joined the industry in 2008, and quickly became known for his integrated and forward-thinking approach for to tackling growers’ unique challenges. Intrigued by the fast-paced evolutions in the growing sector and obsessed with data-driven results in the field, Pierre-Marc always dives deep to uncover how substrates and the growing environment can help improve the yield of any production. His can-do attitude and wry sense of humor are appreciated by colleagues and customers alike. Thanks to his strong advocacy for growers, GPN (Greenhouse Product News) selected Pierre-Marc for the 2020 Forty under 40 program. Prior to Berger, Mr. de Champlain worked at Lang 2000, helping to improve practices in the treatment of polluted water. Before Lang 2000, he performed soil ecology research at the Université de Sherbrooke’s Biology Department. He began his career as a research assistant at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada’s Food Research and Development Center, assisting in projects on preserving food quality and ensuring safe food processing. Two parts growing geek and two parts die-hard LEGO fan, Pierre-Marc is all about innovation and expertise.

john santoro

John Santoro

Sales Director, Northeastern USA and Canada, Berger

John’s has acquired over 20 years of horticulture experience in both sectors of the industry—as a production manager and grower, and in sales. Being able to understand the operations and challenges on both sides makes him a valuable contributor for his customers and Berger. John studied ornamental horticulture, with a specialty in floriculture, at Delaware Valley University in Pennsylvania. He started his career at Blue Moon Acres from 2001 to 2005, supervising a team on a six-acre organic herb greenhouse and farm. He then went on to work as a Production Manager for Kurt Weiss Greenhouses in Connecticut, which grew annual and perennial products in an 11-acre facility. From 2007 to 2014, John was nominated Head Grower for Garden State Growers and then Sell Farms in New Jersey. He then switched hats and went to work in technical sales at Berger. He quickly moved up the ranks to Divisional Sales Manager and then in the position he is today.

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