Grow Beyond Your Expectations at Plug & Cutting Conference 2022

Meet us at booth #13 to take your production strategy to the next level

Everything you need to know about getting rapid rooting and growing uniform young plants is at Booth # 13.

At Berger, we do much more than create what is widely considered as the best growing media available. We continually nurture our relationships by providing both industry and our customers with the kind of expertise, innovative thinking and solutions designed to help you continue to grow successfully into the future.

September 19 – 21, 2022

BOOTH #13 | Westin Westminster | Denver, CO

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Production Tour

Berger is proud to sponsor the Experiential Greenhouse Tour to show you the game-changing companies in propagation. Participants will visit four Colorado greenhouses – Botany Lane Greenhouse, Blooma Farms, Tagawa Greenhouse, Welby Gardens – to help them learn industry best practices from successful young plant growers.

Berger – your trusted partner for plug & cutting growing mix

Berger is your partner of choice when it comes to the production of rapid and uniform young plants. Seedlings and germination require even more care, scheduling and timing than other culture.

Offering the optimal growing environment to produce strong and healthy vegetables plugs with predictable results, Berger enables professional growers to optimize their vegetable seed germination and seedling production and obtain exceptional margins.


Manufactured with superior ingredients as high-quality fine Canadian sphagnum peat moss and perlite, our fine grade substrate product line ensures a perfect contact with the seed or stem and maintains optimal moisture for uniform germination and rapid rooting.

Plus, Berger’s rigorous quality control system guarantees that your young plants will have identical physical and chemical characteristics from one load of germination mix to another, ensuring a remarkably uniform product.


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