Germination at its finest.

Berger’s growing media are renowned for their unmatched performance. One of the reasons? We analyze all the little details that go into making innovative growing mixes that never compromise on quality.

Think of Berger’s industry-first BM2 Natural Fiber – Wood, which strikes just the right blend of fine-grade Canadian sphagnum peat moss and NF wood. Whether you grow ornamentals, veggies, leafy greens, or any other transplants, take advantage of this ground-breaking mix that can accelerate your growing cycle and increase the number of sellable plants per production.

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Always on the leading edge of growing expertise

Berger’s commitment to R&D enable us to develop growing media that adapts to our customers’ production reality.
Our state-of-the art research greenhouse is a testament to that commitment. This 25-foot-high, ridge-vent glass structure is fully controlled by an automated system. It houses multiple cultivation sections that can accurately and independently reproduce the conditions of a large range of growing environments with their unique temperature, lighting and irrigation controls. This ability to replicate multiple production conditions helps us to better understand growers’ challenges.

Forging new frontiers in food safety

Berger is also at the forefront of food safety measures, which means you gain peace of mind working with a partner that truly understands all facets of the business.


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