Save Time & Money With Berger Packaging Solutions

Berger is committed to helping horticultural producers improve production and performance by offering our products in convenient, environmentally-friendly packaging. Below, discover all the advantages of one of our package formats!

Berger Skyscraper


Berger was the first to introduce the Skyscraper format in 1993, a revolution in the industry.

Environmentally friendly

The Skyscraper reduces handling labor and decreases packaging waste by nearly 80%. Only 70 lbs of plastics are used per load (24 pallets) as compared to 350 lbs of plastic for 3.8 ft³ of bags.

For a time and labor time saving

It takes 2.5 frewer hours in manual labor per skyscraper and It allows a fast unloading; 30 to 45 minutes per load with one person and one forklift.

The most practical packaging format

You can store your Skyscrapers outside (40 x 48 x 98 po), regardless of weather conditions. Moreover, it remains entirely intact during unwrapping for a clean workspace.


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