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Controlled environment agriculture (CEA) has been a strong interest for a few years now and continues to be a growing trend in the strawberry industry. As Berger works in areas of mutual interest for both industry stakeholders and growers to create sustainable value, adopting an integrated research approach on the optimization of strawberry production was natural. The expert and scientific Berger teams strive to ease your understanding and integration of this expending CEA practice.

Substrate-based strawberry production under CEA (greenhouse, high tunnels) is a fast-growing sector in North America. Recently, along with the increasing interest in local production, several greenhouse industries began to produce strawberry in controlled environments. In California, in the regions with an optimum climate, so-called tabletop production systems (Van Delm et al., 2016) have been introduced. Anecdotally, a major strawberry producer based in California now has tabletops on more than 60 acres of their production area (with a possible total of _90 acres including other growers using tabletops).
American Society for Horticultural Science

Switching from open-field to containerized production offers a better overall plant quality that translates into significant financial benefits.

Compared to traditional strawberry productions, plants grown in soilless media yield significantly more fruit. Soilless strawberry production provides a reliable solution to market challenges. If you are a strawberry grower who wants to partnership with Berger to contribute to accelerate the industry development, it’s your best chance.

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Berger wants to ease your transition with an educational webinar open to professional growers. This seminar will focus on how to integrate a soilless strawberry production system to your business plan and the benefits of making the switch.

Case Study

Les Fraises de l’Île d’Orléans has been able to introduce major innovations in an industry that has long been rather conservative. Although soilless strawberry production presents its share of technical challenges, when all the factors are well controlled, the CEA system yields fruit of exceptional quality and high production density.

Transition to Soilless Strawberry Production System
Case Study
Les Fraises de l’Île d’Orléans

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