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Scientific Culture Week

At Berger, we give great importance to respect for the environment and the sound management of resources. And to achieve this, we believe it is essential to invest in research and work closely with the scientific community. It is this way of thinking that has made us an industry leader in restoring natural environments and reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Our involvement in the Peatland Ecology Research Group (PERG) projects and, more recently, our partnership with the McGill University Research Chair on GHGs testify to our commitment to the sustainable development of our peatlands.

As an organization, we are also very proud of the work accomplished, year after year, by our people in the field. The achievement of our restoration objectives is only possible thanks to the collaboration between the natural resource management team and those responsible for the peat harvesting sites in order to welcome researchers and provide them with all the support they need in their work.

Each of Berger’s harvesting sites has a rehabilitation plan. These plans facilitate the return of a wet ecosystem that accumulates peat and atmospheric carbon. The restoration of local biodiversity and the ecological functions of disturbed natural environments are also considered in the development of these plans.

In this week of scientific culture, we raise our hats to the Quebec and Canadian researchers who continue to advance our knowledge of this subject with its unique properties, and whose work is recognized internationally.

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