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As the coronavirus situation continues to evolve and change our daily lives, we are proud to be able to count on an experienced team to collectively overcome this unprecedented challenge.

In the current context, there is only one certainty: preserving the health and safety of our employees remains at the heart of our priorities. We are very proud of the rapid and proactive reaction of our teams in implementing all the necessary preventive measures in our plants and administrative offices. Since March 11, all our hygiene protocols have been reinforced and a management committee monitors Canadian and American government announcements in real time, as well as those of public health agencies, in order to communicate clear recommendations and directives to our teams.

Recognized as a major player in the sphagnum peat moss and growing media industry, Berger is also a key link in the food production chain in both Canada and the United States. While the need to maintain food supplies is critical, peat moss and horticultural substrates provide indispensable support to greenhouse production activities to help reduce local and international food insecurity. We would like to acknowledge the efforts of the people who visit our production sites every day to ensure that operations are maintained, and the company’s long-term viability is assured.

Now that the new peat harvesting season is fast approaching, we are preparing for the return and hiring of our seasonal workers. In addition to applying all recommendations regarding hygiene and social distancing, we strictly control access to our sites in order to reduce the risks of propagation. In order to accompany our people and remain attentive to their concerns regarding COVID-19, we have also set up a help line that is accessible at all times.

At Berger, we are doing everything possible to respect our commitments in a context where the health of our employees and compliance with government measures is our primary concern.

We believe that collectively, our know-how, skills and unwavering determination will help us overcome this crisis and we will surely come out of it stronger.


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