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When the Berger Green Finds Multiple Translations

For one year now, we’ve had the pleasure of working with Jocelyn Picknell-Tremblay, a cheerful, committed person who’s always available to lend a helping hand. Some of us like to refer to him respectfully as the Recycling Police, but he’s also known as the Music Lover or the Healthy Meal Deliveryman. Here’s the portrait of a colleague in Customer Service for whom the Berger green finds multiple translations.

As soon as he joined the team, Jocelyn immediately showed that he had a big heart, an open mind, and a contagious joie de vivre. Sometimes we even wonder if it was Jocelyn who chose Berger and not the other way around!

In his daily life as well as at work, he is committed to protecting the environment through eco-responsible initiatives such as recycling, making his own laundry soap or shampoo, and getting involved in the Berger Green Squad. He likes to revisit things to improve them and, most importantly, he won’t sop at nothing! It goes without saying, therefore, that the restoration of peat bogs and compliance with environmental standards were characteristics he was looking for in an employer.

Jocelyn’s small gestures, however simple, started a wave of good deeds. This was the case when he asked his colleague if she had a meal. As she didn’t, he decided to take charge of the situation by offering a meal from a local restaurant which, in addition to preparing every meal with love, also package them in biodegradable containers.

The initiative has really come a long way at the office and Jocelyn now manages meals for several colleagues every Friday! Thanks to his electric car, he’s reducing the number of vehicles on the road in his own way while encouraging his colleagues to eat healthily and in an eco-responsible way. “Sometimes I don’t even have time to look at the menu and I already have colleagues coming to see me with their order!” explains Jocelyn.

Jocelyn Picknell-Tremblay

But above all, what he appreciates most are the resulting gatherings: “We’re helping the planet and we have a wonderful time when we get together, eat our meal, and chuckle with each other!”

The future is also bright for Jocelyn and the Green Squad, with whom he hopes to become more involved and develop new ideas over the next few years.

As summed up so well by his colleagues, Jocelyn is a good-hearted man who perfectly embodies Berger’s values, encouraging closeness with colleagues and ensuring harmony. He’s a committed man who does everything possible to achieve maximum performance when he answers the phone to help a customer, a sales representative, or to order a healthy meal!

Thank you, Jocelyn, keep up the good work!

Jocelyn Picknell-Tremblay

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