Respect for the Environment

Berger attaches great importance to respect for the environment. We demonstrate that commitment in both our production methods and involvement in scientific research. Our integrated harvest and restoration plan enables us to optimize management of our peat resources, and at the same time, helps us coordinate that work with many scientific studies on water quality, wildlife monitoring and wildlife management.

Recycling of waste materials

Berger is continually seeking solutions to minimize its waste, including packaging waste. In the early 1990s, the company created the first Skyscraper. This innovative compacted bulk format reduces the amount of plastic used by up to 30%. Some of our plants also offer direct delivery of bulk products to the customer, representing a savings of 500,000 pounds of plastic annually.

Water is life

Release of water from harvesting sites is closely controlled at all times to limit the impact on the natural environment surrounding our peatlands.

Objective : limit the impact on the natural environment surrounding our peatlands.


Our ongoing involvement in watershed protection organizations is further evidence of our desire to preserve water quality.

Reducing greenhouse gases

To reduce our contribution to greenhouse gas emissions, Berger has implemented many initiatives. Two excellent examples are the installation of heat exchange system and the construction of our eighth plant in order to reduce the distance that materials have to be transported between the harvest sites and the processing sites. These and other improvements are quantified using emission-assessment tools developed by Berger.

Restoration of natural areas

A detailed restoration plan has been prepared for each of Berger’s harvest sites. These plans foster the re-establishment of wetland ecosystems that accumulate peat and store atmospheric carbon. The restoration of local biodiversity and ecological services of the disturbed natural environments are also taken into account when developing the plans.