Sound and Sustainable Financial Management

As a driving force in Québec’s manufacturing industry, Berger makes sound financial management a point of honour. The primary goal is to ensure the company’s growth and success well into the future. Our distinct approach focuses on two key points: first, our business model is oriented to respond to the needs of the market; and second, we use a direct sales approach supported by a network of representatives in every corner of the Americas.

Think globally, act locally

Berger Cap

Another of the company’s aims is to contribute to the economic development of the communities where our facilities are located. This is an ironclad commitment.
This is why Berger has a local purchasing policy.

The company establishes long-term business partnerships with local suppliers, contracting for an array of goods and services in each community. And of course, all of our business relationships are conducted with complete integrity.

2015 Company of the Year

Berger - Company of the year

Renowned for its dynamism and financial health, Berger was recognized as the manufacturing company of the year in 2015 by the chamber of commerce of Rivière-du-Loup. It also received the “Next Generation” award for successful business transfer and was named “Company of the Year”.