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Food Safety Testing for CEA Growing Media

In the CEA industry, food safety is a constant concern along the entire supply chain. One important link in the chain are growing media manufacturers. The goal of this webinar is to help growers understand the key physical, chemical and biological properties of CEA substrates and how they can influence both the performance of your productions and the overall safety of your operation. We provide a clear picture of the pathogens to look out for and the laboratory testing used to detect them. We also discuss the importance of traceability and adopting a pro-active approach, giving you a complete overview of role of growing media in CEA productions.

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About our Expert Speakers

Stacey Rocklin

Stacey Rocklin

Grower Advisor, Berger

Stacey Rocklin grew up in agriculture between the fields and vineyards of southwest Michigan exploring family farms. Graduating from Michigan State University with a B.S. in Horticulture, she worked as a grower in several commercial greenhouses before finding a home in public horticulture introducing plants to people of many socioeconomic backgrounds. From there she found herself back at her alma mater, guiding young people through their agricultural education and into careers as a coordinator. There Stacey was an advisor and teacher working with industry and community partners to create opportunities for young people to start their careers. Along the way, she picked up a master’s degree in teaching and focuses on making the science of Ag and horticulture accessible to all industry professionals, no matter their background. Stacey believes soil and substrates to be the starting point for successful growing and is committed to helping growers do their best with what they have.

Pierre-Marc de Champlain

Pierre-Marc de Champlain, Eng.

Director, Technical Services, Berger

Pierre-Marc de Champlain graduated from the University of Sherbrooke with a Bachelor’s Degree in Biotechnological Engineering, developing an integrated knowledge of biological sciences. Being fascinated with biological sciences, Pierre-Marc joined the industry in 2008, and quickly became known for his integrated and forward-thinking approach for to tackling growers’ unique challenges. Intrigued by the fast-paced evolutions in the growing sector and obsessed with data-driven results in the field, Pierre-Marc always dives deep to uncover how substrates and the growing environment can help improve the efficiency and yield of any production.


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