How Southwest Perennials consistently grows with Berger


“It provides the initial boost our plugs need, and allows for quick root development.”

Southwest Perennials started small, but with a great deal of diligence, and a little help from Berger, co-owners Jerry and Georgia Soukup succeeded in developing a medium-sized business that now ships between three and four million perennial plugs across the United States annually. Located in Dallas, Texas, the company comprises 80,000 ft2 (approximately two acres) of greenhouse space, produces nearly 300 plug varieties, and has a steady workforce of 24 employees. Over the years, Jerry and Georgia have kept true to their initial objective: delivering high-quality perennial plugs on time, with great attention to detail.

At Southwest Perennials, one of the organizational culture’s core values is simplicity, and that would explain why Berger’s BM6 mix is now used as a universal mix for the entire operation. Mr. Soukup is very satisfied with the product: “We chose to use Berger’s BM6 mix,” said Mr. Soukup, “for its high quality and consistency versus the products of competitors. We always get the same great results, and it really makes the whole production process a lot easier on our staff. Everyone should use it.” Other reasons for Mr. Soukup’s choice include the fact that the product is complete and ready-to-use: “There is nothing to add or change about it,” he explained. “It provides the initial boost our plugs need, and allows for quick root development.

Mr. Soukup is also very happy with the quality of the service he receives from his sales representative and Berger’s customer support team: “Martha is truly fantastic. She always proposes new material, to see whether it would better suit our needs, and tests products with us on-site. What they do for their customers at Berger is beyond belief. Their kindness and family orientation make it very pleasant to deal with them. We can say that Southwest Perennials has grown with Berger, and we’re proud of it.”

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