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People that drive performance

At Berger, we know that delivering the best customer experience is crucial for top-performing growers. That is why our employees, along with their collective insights, skills and abilities, define the strength and breath of the services we provide you. At every step of your production cycle, rely on our team to help move your business forward.

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Processes that guarantee performance

Berger has always fostered true vertical integration of our growing media production. From our peatland preparation to the rigorous management of our perlite, vermiculite and wood fiber to our above-standard quality control of all our products, all of our processes are geared towards your business goals: maximizing yield, ensuring unbeatable quality and reducing your operational costs.

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Berger Quality Control system


Products that deliver performance

The true measure of a growing media brand is how it makes you grow.

When you grow with Berger’s mixes, you gain peace of mind knowing that your crops will benefit from premium mixes that are proven to work based on your methods, your environment, and your unique production. Why risk your yield—and business—on sub-par substrates? Berger’s commitment to partnering with our customers means that we constantly learn from them, benchmark their best practices against ours and ensure we raise the bar for everyone in the industry.

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