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Berger’s new Manitoba facility to answer unprecedented demand in the horticulture market 

July 14, 2022 | Saint-Modeste, Qc

Saint-Modeste, Québec, July 14, 2022 — Berger, a worldwide growing media company, is pleased to announce the operational efficiency and reliability of its ninth horticultural peat moss mixing plant, located in the Oakbank community of Springfield, Manitoba.

Initially started in the summer of 2019, this massive investment project is part of Berger’s long-term vision to increase its production capacity and continuously offer unmatched first-quality growing media. With this new plant, Berger aims to successfully meet the increased demand of the North American market and strengthen its personalized services.

“Today’s horticultural industry has been experiencing unprecedented growth for the past few years, while supply chains are contending with high demand, growing port congestion and manufacturing delays, putting pressure along and across all suppliers,” explained Chuck Buffington, Berger’s Vice President of Sales. “Berger’s new Oakbank mixing plant represents a significant asset to help meet the industry’s growing demand for fruits, vegetables, and flowers. It is a testament of our vision to better serve our customers with increased production capacity, reduced lead times and overall quicker response.”

Chuck Buffington, Berger’s Sales Vice President. 


Berger’s Oakbank plant is dedicated to using high-quality Canadian peat moss and first-grade ingredients to create specific growing media for a wide range of needs. The plant also includes a quality-control laboratory and state-of-the-art automated packaging systems. Year-round operations will employ more than 50 staff members, contributing to the vitality of Oakbank’s local community and economy.

The Investment continues

With nearly 60 years of experience, innovation and continuous improvement in the production of value-added horticultural substrates, the Oakbank operations were perfectly synchronized with Berger’s overall business processes within only months of start-up.

The over 48 000 ft² plant, built to add more equipment to increase its capacity, will soon add a second line dedicated to skyscraper packaging and a peat screening system.

As a forward-looking, customer-focused company, all of us here at Berger are excited about this significant investment and see it as a solid commitment to the horticulture market’s long-term viability.




Meet the latest Berger mixing plant

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New mixing plant at Oakbank

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