Business & Corporate Responsibility Go Hand in Hand

Berger is committed to the well-being of our communities, so it has set up numerous initiatives to improve the quality of life, both for its employees and for the residents of the communities where our facilities are located.

Listening to Stakeholders

Whenever Berger develops new sites, we make transparency a top priority. After all, it’s essential to forge a climate of trust with all stakeholders. Whether we’re talking to local industries, residents or First Nations communities, we provide clear information from the very beginning of the project to make sure everyone has a thorough understanding of what to expect. We take all suggestions into careful consideration and implement them whenever there is an opportunity for improvement.

Commitment to community

At Berger, we truly care about the development and well-being of the communities where the company has facilities. That’s why we are committed to responsibly supporting them through sponsorships and partnerships. Berger is involved in projects that respond to the needs of the communities while reflecting the values and vitality of our family business. We support a wide range of cultural, sports and community activities to create and maintain a vibrant and stimulating environment for the people who live and work there.

Healthy employees

Workplace health and safety is always a priority at Berger. The company is committed to maintaining a healthy environment for our employees, who are also well aware of the importance of this issue. Coordinated by a committee composed of members of the Berger team, our workplace injury and illness prevention plan is reviewed each year during the audit regarding our Veriflora® certification for responsible peatland management.

As an adjunct to a wide range of benefits, the company provides various measures to help employees find a healthy work-life balance. Management’s commitment to the well-being of our employees is also reflected in an ongoing process of consulting employees about their job satisfaction and views of the company.

In addition to offering safe and comfortable working conditions, Berger keeps abreast of trends in human resource management. Convinced that everyone wins when the strengths and skills of each individual are recognized and developed, the company puts a priority on employee training.

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