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Enjoy Peace of Mind With Our Food Safety Program

In controlled environment horticulture and automated growing facilities, monitoring plays a crucial role in several aspects of the production: pests and disease control, nutrition, irrigation, climate, and many more. Moreover, when dealing with leafy greens and herbs you also need to consider food safety. This aspect cannot be overlooked and requires a solid monitoring and prevention program that covers all steps of the operation.

Berger offers FST (Food Safety Tested) products that are tested for human pathogens by a third-party laboratory. We also implemented thorough cleaning procedures which, combined with our strict quality processes and addional precautions, allow us to offer FST mixes that answer all your needs regarding not only performance, but also peace of mind. Quality has always been our main focus point. It helps us guide our decision process, and it allows us to produce uniform products that are safe to use for food production no matter where or when they are produced.

The quality control system at Berger is what ensures that proper care is applied to every processing step, to provide professional growers with products of superior quality, regardless of the manufacturing site or the season they were produced.

We added 5 steps to our already rigorous quality control program specifically for the production of our FST growing mixes!

  • Mix line decontamination (1)
  • Water added during mix manufacture is Food safety tested (2)
  • Food safety testing for each input (3)
  • For each production, additional samples are sent to a third-party laboratory for pathogen testing (4)
  • Spot checks are also done on our regular products (5)

Berger’s Quality Control & FST Diagram

Food Safety Procedure

Additionally, we hold IS0 9001 certification, which ensures the quality and consistency of our substrates. Each production is accompanied by a Final Inspection Reports (FIR) to guarantee quality assurance.

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