How Berger mixes enable Corstange Greenhouses to produce season-long quality hanging baskets


“We now use Berger’s BM8 mix because its water retention capacity is greater than in other mixes.”

Corstange Greenhouses was founded by current owner, CEO and head grower Dave Corstange in 1972. The Portage, Michigan-based company specializes in the production of annual bedding plants for retail garden centers, fundraisers and landscapers. Corstange Greenhouses’ products are grown in a variety of containers, including flats, baskets and containers for window boxes.”

The company started using Berger’s mixes about five years ago, looking for more consistency out of its soils and a good base for all its crops. As assistant grower Todd Corstange explains it, “Corstange Greenhouses’ clientele wanted something different. Our customers wanted better quality root production, better quality plants, better water retention. We now use Berger’s BM8 mix because its water retention capacity is greater than in other mixes. It turns our baskets into season-long baskets, not one-month baskets as those offered in big box stores.”

When Corstange Greenhouses made the switch to Berger’s products, they also started dealing with a new technical support team. The change proved to be a very positive one according to Todd Corstange: “Brian is great. He leaves no questions unanswered, he always has good advice, and he is very easy to reach. The few issues we have had have been resolved very quickly. When we think about our future, we are excited to have that opportunity to keep working and growing with Berger. Hopefully, this will last another forty years.”

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