BM Series
Berger Mixes

Whether for plant propagation greenhouse or nursery production of annuals, perennial, foliage, vegetables, soft fuit, leafy-greens and more, one of the substrates from our extensive product line will suit your particular needs. At Berger, we pride ourselves on our ability to manufacture, day after day, high-quality growing media by creating a uniform and strong root environment.

Aggregate free, this series is made exclusively from natural fibers. Thanks to the careful handling of our peat moss and the use of innovative alternative materials to create a stabilized root environment.

With the addition of our high quality composted peat moss, these products provide beneficial microorganisms to enhance plant growth.

BMw Series
Western USA Mixes

For propagation, this fine-grade substrate line is made from carefully selected components that are blended to suit your specific young plant and cutting production needs. It allows uniform filling of flats and trays for propagation of vegetables, annuals, and many other crops.