How Nash Greenhouse grows quicker with Berger


“Berger’s NF products are highly consistent and allow us to control the whole production process better.”

Nash Greenhouses, located in Kalamazoo, Michigan, has been in the horticultural industry since 2003. Among other things, it specializes in potted annuals, vegetables, herbs, and wave petunias, the company’s signature crop. Nash Greenhouses started out with a seven-acre greenhouse, but has experienced significant growth over the years. Today, Howard Nash and his son, Mark, run 28 acres of greenhouses and serve a diversified customer base, including a number of independent garden centers. The company has also been in the Greenhouse Grower’s Annual Top 100 List for several years.

For Nash Greenhouses, the quality of the inputs chosen to grow crops in is crucial to offering superior products and meeting the company’s standards. That is why Nash Greenhouses now uses growing media from Berger’s NF Series. “Berger’s NF products are highly consistent and allow us to control the whole production process better,” Mark Nash explained. Made with fine-quality wood fiber, those products provide an optimal water-holding capacity and superior air porosity. As this allows for quicker rooting, production time is cut down (by up to a week with some items), which generates savings and allows the company to absorb increases in transportation and material costs more easily. Furthermore, Berger BM4 NF Wood product help Nash Greenhouses’ growers deal with challenging early season conditions such as damp, cold weather and low light levels.

Along with everybody else at Nash Greenhouses, Mark Nash is very happy with his relationship with Berger’s sales representative. “We have been dealing with Eric since the beginning. He often visits, provides us with the technical support we need, and always tries to see how Berger could make things easier on us.” Howard Nash couldn’t agree more: “Berger’s customer service is great. Eric teaches us how to use the product efficiently. Our questions are never left unanswered, and issues are resolved quickly. We’re proud to be partnering with Berger. They’re truly a top, number 1 company.”

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