BM Series
Berger Mixes

This fine grade substrate line ensures a perfect contact with the seed or stem and maintains optimal moisture for uniform germination and rapid rooting-out. From plug trays to paper pots, from ornamentals to vegetables, this series is distinctively formulated to form a consistent root ball for efficient transplantation.

Aggregate free, this series is made exclusively from natural fibers. Thanks to the careful handling of our peat moss and the use of innovative alternative materials to create a stabilized root environment.

The BM5 product line utilizes both natural fibers and aggregates to create a wide variety of soil structures.

BMw Series
Western USA Mixes

Outdoor nursery mixes. Berger nursery mixes are predominantly manufactured with different grades of redwood to cater to the specific challenges of the outdoor nursery industry. Blended with other high-quality components, these redwood mixes are ideal for growing trees, shrubs, perennials and many more.

Berger’s all-purpose growing mixes are specifically designed for greenhouse production of potted vegetables, ornamentals, annuals, perennials and many more. It offers a wide variety of versatile substrates with different air-water ratios that are adapted to each greenhouse environment.

Berry Mixes. Specifically designed to transplant bare-root or tray plant strawberries in greenhouse or high-tunnel productions.