Surprising Wood Fiber!

Professional growers around the world have obtained outstanding results with our wood fiber mixes. Our  exclusive NF Wood products help growers accelerate plant growth and reduce production times.

Berger’s NF Wood substrates are made with top-quality wood fiber and Canadian sphagnum peat moss, offering optimum water-holding capacity and ensuring quicker root development, healthy growth and excellent yield. And naturally, NF Wood products are eco-friendly.

With quality wood fiber as a component of the mix, not only do you get consistent high-quality growing media, you also get more—for less, with larger volumes per bag and per shipment.

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Adapted Growing Mixes

BM Series

BM4 NF Wood Growing Mix

Containing wood fiber – an eco-friendly, sustainable aggregate – this horticultural substrate offers an optimal balance between water retention and aeration.


BM4 NF Wood HP Growing Mix

Containing higher proportion of wood fiber for increased porosity, this mix facilitates access to available water fostering rapid root development.


Berger’s NF products are highly consistent and allow us to control the whole production process better.

Nash Greenhouses

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Frequently Asked Questions Guide on Wood Fiber

19 questions & answers to get to know more about Berger’s wood fiber.

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How Nash Greenhouse Grows Quicker with Berger

Nash Greenhouses, located in Kalamazoo, Michigan, has been in the horticultural industry since 2003. Among other things, it specializes in potted annuals, vegetables, herbs and wave petunias –  the company’s signature crop. Nash Greenhouses started out with a seven-acre greenhouse, but has experienced significant growth over the years. Today, Howard Nash and his son, Mark, run 28 acres of greenhouses and serve a diversified customer base, including a number of independent garden centers. The company has also been in the Greenhouse Grower’s Annual Top 100 List for several years.

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