BM Series
Berger Mixes

Whether for plant propagation or crop production, flower or vegetable, greenhouse or nursery, we have a large assortment of products to fit your particular needs. Berger prides itself in its ability to produce high-quality substrates for consistently healthy crops season after season and year after year.

This family of all-purpose mixes is ideal for a wide variety of plants.

This series is distinctively formulated for seed germination in plugs, trays or floating systems.

With the addition of our carefully monitored compost, this product line has an increased presence of beneficial microorganisms to boosts plant growth.

OM Series
Organic Mixes

Authorized for organic production, the OM product series is ideal for growers who want to break into this dynamic and rapidly growing sector of the industry. Whether for fruits, vegetables, herbs, or even flowers and ornamental plants, a product tailored for organic crops is available for every growing stage.

This family of all-purpose mixes, authorized for organic production, is ideal for a wide variety of plants.