BP Series
Peat Grades

Berger offers different grades of carefully selected sphagnum peat moss to suit every horticultural need. All of our professional peat grades are authorized for organic production.

Our various grades of sphagnum peat moss (fine, professional and coarse) are adapted to all professional growing needs.

SM Series
SM Mixes

The SM series takes its origin from Sun Land Garden Products and is manufactured in California specifically for the Western US market.

The SM greenhouse product line is specifically designed for greenhouse production of potted vegetables, ornamentals, annuals, perennials and many more. It offers a wide variety of substrates with diverse air-water ratio adapted to each greenhouse environment.

The SM propagation product line is made from carefully-selected components of various particles sizes blended to fit your specific seedling and cutting production needs. It allows uniform filling of flats and trays for seed germination and cutting production of vegetables, annuals and many other crops.

Made with components approved for organic agriculture by OMRI, the SMO product line is ideal for growers who want to break into this dynamic and rapidly-growing sector of the industry. Whether for fruits, vegetables, herbs, or even ornamental plants, an organic certified mix is available for every growth stage.

The SM specialty product line offers growing media solutions for specific crops with distinctive needs such as berries, citrus, succulents and many more.