BM Series
Berger Mixes

Whether for plant propagation or crop production, flower or vegetable, greenhouse or nursery, we have a large assortment of products to fit your particular needs. Berger prides itself in its ability to produce high-quality substrates for consistently healthy crops season after season and year after year.

This family of all-purpose mixes is ideal for a wide variety of plants.

This group of all-purpose mixes has the particularity of being built with 100% organic fiber.

The mix between peat and perlite, used in different ratios, ensures optimum aeration. This series is well-suited for the most demanding of crops.

Produced with pine bark, the BM7 series is formulated for perennials, shrubs and trees. It can also be used for applications needing heavier weight.

With the addition of our carefully monitored compost, this product line has an increased presence of beneficial microorganisms to boosts plant growth.

SM Series
SM Mixes

The SM series takes its origin from Sun Land Garden Products and is manufactured in California specifically for the Western US market.

The SM greenhouse product line is specifically designed for greenhouse production of potted vegetables, ornamentals, annuals, perennials and many more. It offers a wide variety of substrates with diverse air-water ratio adapted to each greenhouse environment.

The SM canning product line is predominantly manufactured with different grades of redwood to cater the particular challenges of the nursery industry. Blended with other high-quality components, these redwoods mixes are ideal to grow trees, shrubs, perennials and many more.